Turning the invisible hand into visible, impact seeking businesses.

I believe we can build a better capitalism. I want to help build technology-based business models that allow a company to achieve social impact in the world. Passionate about FinTech, Human Development and Sustainable Energy.

I dream of a world full of companies targeting both social-impact and financial returns. 

Forta means “strong” in Esperanto – the language invented “hoping for a better world”.


We can improve our world (and save it for our children and grandchildren) by building and investing in for-profit companies committed to advance education, financial stability and health and helping them grow. Our goal is to massively increase the impact of exceptional non-profits by using the purchasing power of consumers. 

We should dream of a future where every consumer stops and asks what impact is he or she achieving before purchasing any product or service. We want to improve capitalism to make a better world.  It is more than an investment strategy, it is a movement, and we call it #KarmaCapitalism.


Each human being has unlimited potential. Sometimes all they need is a bit of help. We prefer to “Teach a Person How to Fish” instead of feeding a person forever.  That’s why we believe education and health are key to help an individual achieve her or his potential. At the end of day, we can help improve the odds of the lottery of latitude and longitude that takes place when we are born.